02 Encourages Mobile Phone Recycling

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 at 1:29 pm

Even mobile service providers are getting in on the mobile phone recycling act. 02 has received huge numbers of phones for recycling in just 6 months.

The whole idea of recycling mobiles is taking off throughout the UK as mobile phone users are getting to grips with how the mobile phone recycling process works. O2 has spent over £1 million in cash to encourage its customers to return their old phones.

O2 launched a recycling website called ’02 Recycle’ last October that enables someone wishing to sell their mobile to log on and obtain a valuation for their phone. If they are happy with the offer, 02 sends a prepaid postage bag for returning the phone.  The customer then receives cash within a specified timescale.

The desire to be kind to the environment is a major factor in people’s willingness to return their mobiles for recycling.  Reusing handsets is a sure way to reduce pressure on resource use.

There are many recycling websites around that offer cash for old mobiles.  Shrewd consumers are visiting mobile recycling price comparison websites like Cellzone to ensure they get the best cashback deal for their old mobile. It makes complete sense for those with redundant phones gathering dust at home to recyle them.  It’s good for the environment and the pocket.

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