Nokia Tops Greenpeace Rankings

Saturday, May 29th, 2010 at 11:49 am

Greenpeace has ranked Nokia and Sony Ericsson as the top two most eco-friendly electronics manufacturers.

Greenpeace produces a list each quarter that ranks the green credentials of manufacturers.  It rates companies taking into consideration how they use toxic materials, their recycling of raw materials and used components and the steps they are taking to protect the environment.  Nokia has gone to the top of the latest list.  The company is the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer and is based in Finland.  Nokia reported that all its mobile phones produced this year will not contain toxic PVC plastic or brominated flame retardants and as a result it has achieved the top position.

The criteria used by Greenpeace to rank manufacturers tends to give an advantage to certain companies.  As an example, it is more straightforward for manufacturers like Nokia and Motorola who produce a single product such as mobile phones to eliminate toxic materials from their supply chains.  Fridge and home appliance makers, for instance,  are more easily able to use recycled plastics.

Greenpeace acknowledge that the ranking system may not be fair, but they are achieving their aims because the competition amongst companies to top the rankings produces continual improvements in their environmental performance and the planet benefits.

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