Research Shows UK Sitting On 85 Million Old Mobiles

Sunday, May 30th, 2010 at 3:28 pm

Research carried out by ICM for Consumer Focus has revealed that there are around 85 million mobile phones in the UK sitting around that could generate cash for their owners.  All they have to do is sell them and that is being made easier all the time.

Over two-thirds of mobile phone users possess one or more redundant phones.  Of these 11% are estimated to have five or more phones gathering dust at home.  Consumer Focus wants consumers to do something about this by giving their old handsets away to friends, family or charity.  Alternatively, if users are cash-strapped, they can obtain cash for their old phones from one of the many mobile phone recycling companies.  Internet mobile phone price comparison sites show that phones fetch an average of £25, but high end recent models may bring in as much as £300.

With this in mind, it is ridiculous that 10% of users have admitted that they just throw their old phones away, which is a shame because these high tech devices can readily be reused or recycled.  We really don’t need to throw away money like this and contribute to the growing environmental problem caused by hazardous waste going to landfill.  Mobile phone recycling price comparison sites show consumers where to find the best deal and they can be found easily by Googling a search phrase like “sell my mobile”.

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