eBay Joins the Mobile Phone Recycling Market

Thursday, October 28th, 2010 at 10:07 am

Ebay has joined the electronics recycling market with the introduction of eBay Instant Sale.

The site is designed to help consumers who want to recycle multiple electronic items such as old mobile phones, printers, speakers and iPods without having to list each one as a separate item in the traditional eBay way.  eBay will give you a base price for each gadget you want to sell.  If you’re happy with the quoted price, you can send your items to eBay who will remove your personal data and transfer the agreed sum directly into your PayPal account.

If your old electronic items are no longer worth any money, you can still send them to eBay who will recycle it for free for you.

On the eBay Green Team blog the company says:  “Our hope is for the program to not only bring electronics recycling to the mainstream, but put cash in the pockets of eBay buyers and sellers, and help to streamline the selling experience for them.  In less than five minutes, eBay-ers can plug in the name, make, and model of their device, answer a few simple questions about item condition, and get a cash offer instantaneously. If they accept the offer, a (free!) shipping label is generated, and the money will be in their PayPal account usually within a week after they ship it (to allow for the the product to be received and the condition verified) and voila!! Extra cash, just in time for the Holidays.”

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