O2 Mobile Recycling Programme Supports Young People

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 at 9:45 am

O2 Recycle was launched last October to enable people to recycle their old phones for cash either online or in O2 stores.  Since it’s launch over £10m has been paid out to customers.

All profits from the programme will now be given to its ‘Think Big Youth Programme’ to support young people who are making a difference in their communities.  Previously £1 was given for every phone recycled.

Latest research from O2 shows that in the UK, 66% of people now recycle their mobile phones.

The ‘Think Big Youth Programme’ is designed to counter the negative view of young people by supporting those that are making a difference in society.   Youths can apply for cash awards, training and mentoring.  So far over 35 youth charities have signed up to partner with the programme.

Sally Cowdry, the UK Marketing Director at O2 said:  “Phone recycling is a fast growing part of the market but it’s getting more and more grubby with some ‘cash for gold’ type operations.  We know many customers are looking for an ethical alternative with reassurances that their handsets are being responsibly recycled. By sending their old mobiles to O2 Recycle customers can get this reassurance as well as now helping to raise money for young people. What’s more, there is no compromise on the price we pay out for their device.”

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