Nokia Launches Mobile Phone Recycling Campaign in Uganda

Monday, November 29th, 2010 at 5:23 pm

Nokia is pioneering their ‘Take Back and Recycle campaign’ in Uganda.  A mobile phone recycling drive was held in Kampala last week for 2 days and over 400 phones and 400 accessories were collected for recycling.

Nokia aims to protect the environment by recycling old phones and accessories.  Elisabeth Tanguy, Nokia’s Senior Sustainability Manager for Middle East and Africa said:
“This is an exciting way of safeguarding our environment from electronic waste by recycling old phones and making them into new products. These old phones and accessories can be used to make bicycles, dental fillings, kettles and many more.”

Global surveys show that the Ugandan market, much the same as the rest of the world, are unaware that they can recycle their old mobiles and accessories.

According to Nokia, Uganda is one of the leading users of their phones across the world, so this shows that they are in a good position to take a lead role in the important issue of e-waste recycling in Uganda.

The ‘Take Back and Recycle’ campaign is a free service which helps reduce the amount of e-waste produced.  The recycling programme currently has 5,000 collection points in 85 countries to make it easy as possible for people to recycle their old and unwanted phones, chargers and accessories.

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