New Mobile? Act Quickly to Get the Best Price for Your Old Phone

Monday, December 27th, 2010 at 11:22 am

Many people will have received a brand new mobile phone for Christmas.  The holiday season is not yet over and it could be so tempting to put the old mobile in a drawer and forget about it.

Some may intend to wait until everything returns to normal in the new year and then think about selling their old phone.  However, a general rule of thumb in the mobile phone recycling market is that the sooner the old phone is sold the better.  Prices steadily drop the longer the mobile is kept.

Quite a few people will not be returning to work until early January and they may be keen to use their time off to get out to the sales and try and find a bargain. However, the spare time available after the shops have closed could  be used to go online and visit a mobile phone recycling price comparison website to grab a great price for that old mobile.

Not only will this result in some much needed cash to help pay off the mounting credit card bills, but old mobile phones sent to a recycling company are likely to end up with an extended useful life in the hands of someone in the developing world.  Older phones will be dismantled and their components reused or recycled, rather than going to landfill and causing environmental damage.

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