Nokia’s New Environmentally-Friendly E7

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 at 12:36 pm

Nokia, along with other mobile phone manufacturers, are acutely aware of the huge threat to the environment posed by the mass production and careless disposal of mobile phones.  The sheer volume going to landfill or being recycled in a dangerous manner is causing much concern globally.

Many consumers are beginning to recognise these dangers and some are looking for environmentally-friendly handsets when upgrading.   Nokia’s E7 has been designed with energy conservation in mind.  There is a power save mode and an ambient light sensor.  The E7 indicates when it has been fully charged and it comes withe an energy efficient charger.

Other environmental features include eco-themed ringtones and wallpapers, ecomomic route planning and pedestrian maps to encourage users to leave the car at home.

The E7 has been manufactured without harmful substances like PVC, brominated and chlorinated compounds.

The phone can be completely recycled, some materials can be converted into energy and all the packaging is recyclable.  To be kind to the forests, there is no paper user guide.  Instead, this can be accessed online.

The Nokia E7 goes a long way to promote complete recycling and energy efficiency and helps consumers to make sustainable purchasing decisions when buying a new mobile phone.

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