C Mobile Encourages More Environmentally-Friendly Mobile Phone Use

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 at 12:27 pm

Mobile phone users are continually being encouraged to recycle their old mobiles responsibly when they come to upgrade.  However, some consumers are keen to help the environment further and a new mobile phone contract introduced by C Mobile can help them to do just that.   Profits are reinvested into UK energy efficiency projects, so consumers can now make a direct contribution towards making their local communities more environmentally sustainable.  One fifth of all C Mobile’s profits are donated to the C Mobile Trust that supports local community renewable energy projects.  C Mobile is also helping to reduce the environmental impacts of installing new mobile phone masts by undertaking not to install any new ones, but to share existing masts with Orange.

Other measures C Mobile has taken to help their customers to be more environmentally-friendly, include accessories to lengthen handset life, a mobile phone recycling service and the opportunity for customers to purchase reconditioned handsets.

Most mobile phones are designed to last for around 7 years, but the continuing desire to upgrade means that the average mobile is only used for about 18 months.  The current UK stockpile of unused mobiles is estimated to be around 100 million and most of these could earn there owners cash if they were sold. Unfortunately, when many users do eventually dispose of their phones they discard them with household rubbish and they often end up in landfill, where they can damage the environment.   Reducing the frequency of upgrading would reduce this unnecessary waste generation.

Mobile phones can be otained for ridiculously low prices or even free, so many consumers view them as throwaway products.  C Mobile sell SIM cards and handsets separately to encourage people to value their phones more highly.

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