Vodafone UK’s Phone Recycling Scheme Supports The WWF

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 at 3:41 pm

Vodafone UK has recently launched a new mobile phone recycling programme by teaming up with the charity World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to raise funds for conservation projects across the world.

Old phones can be recycled in any of Vodafones 380 stores in the UK or can be sent by Freepost.

Vodafone’s phone recycling scheme is one of the biggest in the UK and last year recycled over 100,000 phones.

For each phone that is donated, the WWF will receive approximately £9 to help support its environmental work across the world by tackling issues such as climate change.  The phones will be refurbished, reused or broken down for other manufacturing.

Patrick Laine from WWF-UK said regarding the partnership: “WWF is delighted to be the beneficiary of Vodafone’s recycling scheme. We look forward to directing the funds to some of our priority projects throughout our 50th year.”

Mike Durbridge from Vodafone UK said: “We have an on-going commitment to encourage recycling of old phones instead of letting them gather dust. We’ll take any phone from any network or manufacturer to help   WWF-UK’s global conservation work”.

Any make or model of phone can be donated to the recycling scheme.

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