Keeping Your Mobile World Safe

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 at 1:31 pm

There are a variety of devices and locations that comprise our mobile world. All of them sharing information back and forth, each of us has formed their own mobile network without ever realizing it. Between the laptop and the mobile phone, the computer and the Xbox, we have created a world of sharing that is amazing.


Within that mobile network, even if it is just one mobile phone, there are a myriad of points where data can be compromised and stolen. This can be nothing more than a picture or as damaging as a credit card number.

Even one cell phone is connected to the internet in countless ways. The Android operating system has preinstalled apps on most phones that connect to three or four types of cloud storage. Anyone that has ever thought their battery life is not what it should be should consider the fact that their phone is on near constant communication with the network.

Simple Functions

Something as simple as email is connected and reconnecting on a constant basis to check for new emails. As you walk through the shopping mall, you are in danger of being hacked from almost every mobile device that you pass within a hundred feet of. It is possible to force into the phone through the network, through Bluetooth and many other ways.

If you ever get curious about the number of devices that come into contact with your phone, there is an easy way to see just a percentage of them. It is safe and a little fascinating. Turn on Bluetooth and go to the settings screen. From there you can attempt to connect to Bluetooth devices. In a public place, constantly scan for new devices and watch how many new people appear, ready to connect.

To connect to most other phones, there would need to be an approval from the other device, but that is for our simple experiment. Hackers can force their way into other phones under the right set of circumstances. This is why security is very important.


There are a good number of apps and programs that will help protect your mobile phone or your tablet. There are also simple and effective plans that can be used to help stay safe. As you saw in the Bluetooth experiment, those devices never appeared until you turned Bluetooth on. If you do not need a connection through Bluetooth, then keep it turned off.

This will not only keep you safer, but will make the battery last longer. There are a number of settings in a phone or tablet that can help keep security a high order. This is the foundation that will lead to a safe and secure device.

What Dangers

So, what are you protecting? Pretty much anything in your phone can be gotten to with a properly configured hack. In addition to this, your phone can become a hacking device itself if a hacker were to gain access. The same way that a hacker’s phone is connecting to yours and gaining access can be configured to turn your phone into a walking hacker device.

That means that a hacker can hack into your phone and gain access, followed by using your phone to gain access to other phones that it comes near. Within a few short hours, a hacker can have a hive of phones responding to their whims.

With a little precaution and of a protective apps, none of this need to be an issue. There is no reason to fear what can happen. Simply stay safe and protect your device and once of have a safe setup in place, you can forget about the dangers.

It is important to protect yourself and to protect those that connect to your phone. Even if you have nothing that can harm you in your phone, it would be horrible to walk into work and hurt the company that you work for without even knowing it.

Be safe and keep the ones you care about safe. Keep security in the back of your mind and take care that your information remains your information. Do not worry too much, with the right precautions there is nothing that can be done without your permission.

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