Picking A Mobile Phone Package That Suits You

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013 at 9:34 am

Nearly everyone in the UK has a phone. Some people choose to have a pay as you go package and purchase a phone separately. Others go for the more common route, which is to use a contract plan. The contract plan will usually mean that the individual is given a phone. The type of phone will depend on the individual contract. Of course, there are SIM only contracts, whereby the user is only paying for the minutes, texts and downloads that they use, rather than the actual phone.

Do You Have A Monthly Budget?

If you have some kind of monthly budget, then the likelihood is that some kind of contract will be the best option. If you have a mobile phone already, then you can choose a SIM only deal. Obviously if you don’t have a mobile phone currently, or you want a better one, then going for a contract that is inclusive of a phone is going to be the ideal scenario. Think about how much you want to spend. Generally, contracts will vary a great deal. They can be as expensive as 50 pounds per month, but as cheap as 5 pounds.

What Is Your Monthly Usage?

Get a statement from your current service provider which shows your usage for the last few months. You will be able to see the highest amount of minutes, texts and downloads that you use. At the same time, you will be able to find out whether you need a bigger service package than you have now, or a smaller one. If you are never using your minutes and texts, then you might want to think about going onto a pay as you go scheme.

This will help you decrease your monthly expenditure. You will only pay for calls and texts as and when you use it, which for most people is the most ideal scenario. Of course, if you are regularly going over your usage limit, then you will be getting extra charges. It would make more sense to upgrade to a larger package with the usage increased, which will help you to save a lot of cash! With contract companies, they always charge large fees when users go over their limit. Essentially, it is best to pay extra and have a 10% buffer. So if you are using around 500 minutes per month aim for a package that has 550-600 minutes included!

The Combination Packages

Look out for the packages that are on offer. They might look good initially, but some are actually not as good as they seem. For instance, if a package looks cheap, there might be a reason. Maybe they include texts and minutes, but don’t actually offer any kind of download limit. This would mean that every minute the user is on the internet, they are spending cash. Over time, the cost can be extremely high, making the package that looked the cheapest, end up being the most expensive. Look at each package in detail and compare them.

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